Hand-painted Coconut Greetings by Paradise Multimedia

Sustainable and eco-friendly coconuts repurposed in the USA for gifts, promotions, invitations and more. Worldwide shipping.

Painted Whole Coconut $39 | Hollow, Cup or Half Shell $24 | Discounts on orders of 25+
TO ORDER: Design codes are in parenthesis like [yblue]. Click Order. Then you will pick your product/size and add text. Repeat as needed!
recycled and personalized coconuts
[design code: ypink] Order
custom painted coconuts
[design code: ypurporange] Order
recycled and personalized coconuts
Like one of these backgrounds? Then click Order
recycled and personalized coconut cup
[design code: yblue] Order

Painted coconuts for President's Club invitations
[design code: yblue] Need a custom order or volume discount? Get a Quote
recycled and personalized coconuts
[design code: b-bluepink] Order
recycled and personalized coconuts
[design code: ypurp] Order
Coconut wedding invitation with scroll
[design code: dropship1] Order
Hollow coconut with optional scroll and decorative packing material.
Painted coconuts painted coconut
[design code: congrats101] Order
This is a whole coconut and please choose "Paint Both Sides" when ordering.
recycled and personalized coconuts
[design code: pinkpurple] Order
Recycled Coconuts ready to customize with YOUR message.

hand painted painted gifts
[design code: yblue] Order
Recycled Coconuts ready to customize with YOUR message.

Unusual Retirement gift ideas
[design code: retirement25] Order
Whole coconut with optional Kukui Nut Lei.

Mail a painted coconut
YEP -whole coconuts can ship like this!
Hand Painted Coconut for party guestbook
[design code: y orange] Order
We can paint the back side to collect messages at a party. Choose "Paint Both Sides" when ordering.

Painted coconuts are a unique gift for the beach lover
[design code: turtle1] Order
Sustainable gifts for the beach lover

Mail a Hawaiian Snowball
[design code: hawaiiansnowball] Order
Mail a Hawaiian Snowball!

Ohio State Buckeye Coconut
[design code: OSU-BuckeyeSunset] Order

The Golden Coconut Award groundbreaking award
[design code: goldencoconut] Order
The one and only Golden Coconut Awards!

Coconut event announcement with scroll
[design code: yblue] Order
Coconut event announcement with decorative packing

Painted Coconut Wedding Invitations
[design code: yblue] Order
Unique and Unusual Hand Painted Coconut Invitations

Sent Church presented award winners with a custom painted coconut

A Few of our Clients:

Apple, Hewlett Packard, Disney, EA Sports, FitBit, MTV, Johnson & Johnson, Country Music Television, Pepsi, Geiger, Hilton, Yahoo, Dun and Bradstreet, BI Worldwide, Neiman Marcus, Outrigger Resorts, Hyatt, Edmentum Learning, Jimmy Johnson, HH Brown Shoes, FedEx, Make-A-Wish, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, Takeda, Accord Productions, Sobe Drinks, VitaCoco, Archipelago Learning, Norix, Timbers Resorts, King & Prince Seafood Corporation, Motivation Excellence, Paychex, Circle K, Canes Film Festival, MFX, Bermuda Triangle Challenge and Infoblox.

Painted coconuts are sustainable, eco-friendly gifts. Get yours today

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No one throws away a coconut! As seen on "The List" and HGTV's "I Want That!"

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Since 1996, making someone's day a whole lot better,
one coconut at a time. Upcycled in the USA. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Do your part!

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