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Paradise Multimedia's Coconut Greetings
Painted Whole Coconut $29 | Hollow or Cup $19 | Half Shell $18 | Discounts on orders of 25+ | More info on sizes

#COOL PAINTED COCONUT PROJECTS: See a few of our larger scaled projects.

Grand opening invitation ideaJimmy Johnson's Big Chill Restaurant Opening Night invitations painted on Hawaii grown coconuts. The back side has logo with our Custom Decal Service

Grand opening invitation ideas Jimmy Johnson's restaurant grand opening project 2012

brand ambassador creation recipients are brand ambassadors
unusual gifts and promo ideas painted on coconut we drop ship to your clients
hand painted coconuts are super cool gifts and promo ideas made in the USA
hand-painted coconuts are outrageous gifts and promo ideas eco-friendly and personalized
lasts forever very long shelf life
painted coconuts unusual gifts and promo ideas See volume discount pricing.

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Coconut cups make green and eco-friendly gifts

Timbers Resorts hand painted coconut project

The project hit the drawing board in August 2015. It took a few months to make a number of decisions: Whole coconut or hollow. Box or no box. Which design. The whole size painted coconuts were eventually chosen because they can ship without a box. Production began in November 2015. Project total was 1700 whole size hand painted coconuts.

unique advertisement option Finished product painted as per client specifications

unique marketing piece Production of 1700 whole-sized coconuts took two months

unusual marketing piece

These coconuts made an unusual marketing piece

unique marketing piece Timbers Resorts clientele gave great feedback on the coconuts

unique invitations This project took over most of one of our three painting facilities

promotional marketing pieces 1700 whole coconuts trucked to California for distribution

Painted Coconut Wedding Invitations

Painted Coconut Cup Incentive Gifts

EA Sports sent us the color scheme and we produced these cups to be used as giveaways at a corporate team-building and incentive function.

We can drop ship to your list, or send all to you for distribution. Feel free to send us additional items to include in the boxes: leis, RSVPs, maps even sea shells.

Your recipients will have a memento and unique branded table top item all in one.

Hand painted coconut cups
First color on the first batch of the order

Corporate memento
Blended sunset colors are left to dry

Get a painted coconut with your message, design and logo
Final stage for this batch of the order. Start it all over tomorrow!

Accord Productions project: 2015

Accord Productions mailed coconuts in a very unique direct mail program. Each coconut was customized with the recipient's logo. These coconuts will remain on display - not thrown away like other marketing pieces.

unique direct mail program We hand painted many logos on this project

creative product ideas Feedback: "this is one of the most unique promo items I've ever received. Truly unique! #KEEPER"

creative ad specialty Hand painted coconuts make a unique statement, unforgettable invitation, and creative ad specialty

unique promotional marketing piece Painted coconuts are a unique promotional marketing piece

one of a kind personalized direct mail One of a kind corporate gift

Kukio Resort Invitational Golf Invitations

Corporate event golf tournament invitations

The painted coconut design was developed by the client for all collateral associated with the event. We took that design and adapted it to create these hollow coconuts for the Kukio Invitational Golf Tournament.

All coconuts were packaged and sent to the client for distribution. Hollow coconuts are approximately 6 oz. each, so shipping is inexpensive.

How to mail a coconut Design process for the large order

One of a kind invitation One of a kind painted coconut invitation

How to mail a coconut Mailing services are available

Painted Coconut Wedding Invitations

Hand Painted Coconut Wedding Invitations

This hand painted coconut color scheme has been a popular one for many years. It captures a tropical feeling very well.

We can drop ship to your wedding list, or send all to you for distribution. Feel free to send us additional items to include in the boxes: leis, RSVPs, maps even sea shells.

Your recipients will have wedding keepsake and unique invitation all in one.

How to mail a coconut

Hand Painted Coconut Wedding Invitation Mailing Service

Our client sent us leis, paper shreds for packing material, RSVPs, maps and sea shells to carefully assemble around our painted coconut. The RSVP held more detailed information than we could fit on the coconut.

The response from her wedding guests was outstanding. She and her husband were very thankful they found us!

#IDEA: use our coconut cups and have your wedding guests bring these to the wedding for beautiful decorations and drinking vessels

Incentive awards coconut for the annual sales conference [incentives13] Order
Incentive awards coconut for the annual sales conference

hand painted wedding invitations[bridal24] Order
Tropical themed wedding invitations. We drop ship to your mailing list. See more Invitations

corporate sales incentive program teasers [corp346] Order
100+ Corporate sales incentive program teasers

branded coconuts are creative advertising products [corp338] Order
FIS Outdoor project 2015

Hand painted party favor, incentive trip teaser, incentive trip memento and award[corp302] Order
Hand painted party favor, incentive trip teaser, incentive trip memento and award all in one

unique branded corporatecaward [sports15] Order
Over a three year span we sent over 500 units of these corporate incentive awards

corporate sales incentive program teaser gifts [corp343] Order
100+ President's Club corporate gifts

corporatepromotion incentive gift ideas [corp316] Order
Pepsi's Sobe Golden Coconut Award

sales incentive award ideas [bridal31] Order
One of a kind wedding invitations

For a tropical theme wedding use hand painted, personalized coconuts as Save the Date announcements, centerpieces, bridal favors and wedding invitations.[bridal37] Order
The most unique wedding invitation

Fresh marketing ideas. Hand painted corporate invitation on half shell coconuts [corp334] Order
Fresh marketing ideas. Hand painted corporate invitation on half shell coconuts
Unique gift for your bridal attendants[invites15] Order
Special and unique gift for your bridal attendants. These are whole size coconuts.

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Wholesale pricing on hand painted coconuts with volume orders.

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No one throws away a coconut! As seen on HGTV's "I Want That!"

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