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Painted Whole Coconut $39 | Hollow, Cup or Half Shell $24 Discounts on orders of 25+ | More info on sizes

Coconut Decal Service - branded coconuts with your logo. We drop ship to your clients for invitations and sales promos.

You supply decals that we apply to the coconuts in a three-step process. Please leave spacing around your text to allow for folds or creases which are unavoidable when applying to a non-flat surface. This blends well with the imperfect shell of the coconuts. For this reason we suggest you use a textured background as seen in our samples and that you limit the amount of text on the decals. Email us with questions.

Decal Service Specifications
Product Whole Hollow Cup Half
Minimum order 8 25 25 25
Maximum decal size
3 x 4 3 x 2 2.5 wide x 1.5 3 x 2

PRICING: Hollow Coconut, Cup or Half Shell
25 100 250 500 1000
$9.00 $8.72 $8.40 $8.24  

PRICING: Whole Coconut are $20.

Order     Decal Quote Request

unique annd natural ad specialty item[Palms] Order
Better than a gift bag - child's birthday memento coconut cups

unusual sales promotion[Palms] Order
Coconut cup with Decal Service and Logo

Coconut shells branded with logo[Palms] Order

Branded Coconuts

branded coconut[Curled paper] Order
Hollow Coconut with Decal Service used for an unusual sales promotion idea

branded coconuts[Curled paper] Order

Half shell Coconut with Decal Service and Logo

sustainable and eco-friendly awards sustainable and eco-friendly
made in the USA made in the USA
drop shipping services available drop ship available
woman-owned USA business woman-owned USA business
coconuts painted with your personalized message your personalized message
coconuts painted with your logo we can add your logo
brand ambassador creation recipients are brand ambassadors
painted coconuts unusual gifts and promo ideas See volume discount pricing

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Coconuts Labeled[custom decal] Order
Decal artwork provided by customer

Coconut Greetings Label Service
[custom decal] Order
Branded coconuts

Coconut sales promotion[custom decal] Order

Logoed coconuts
[custom decal] Order

Logoed coconuts

imprinted coconut
[custom decal] Order Imprinted whole coconut

Add excelsior packing to your coconut order
[custom decal] Order
For extremely detailed logos or really fussy clients, we add a four color decal with your logo to the hand painted product. Include a lei and excelsior to complete the package.

These are some Huge shot glasses!
[custom decal] Order

For those hard to duplicate logos, we can pair up hand painting with the decal service.

unique logoed item[custom decal] Order
Painted design enhanced with custom logo decal. Client provided artwork for this sales incentive trip invitation and award.

Ad specialty coconuts[custom decal]
Coconut half shells custom invitations with Decal Service

Coconuts branded with your logo - volume discounts<[custom decal]
Decal artwork provided by customer enhanced by a hand painted gold background.

oconuts branded with your logo - volume discounts<[custom decal]
Jimmy Johnson's Grand Opening Coconuts with Decal Service on one side and painted on reverse.

Keep your logo and brand name in front of your client
[custom decal]

Coconuts branded with your logo - volume discounts.

Branded coconuts [Curled paper] Order

unique sales promotion [Palms] Order

unique announcement idea [Drink] Order

Unique promotional items - coconuts with label service

Unique promotional items - real coconuts with decal service.


Personalized hand painted bridal favors, wedding invitations, centerpieces

$18 Includes Shipping! Tropical Mailer with Hollow Coconut includes shipping via USPS to domestic USA addresses. Send us your invitation or sales promotion on 5x7 paper and we roll it and insert the scroll into a real hollowed out coconut. We'll add any other items you send along with excelsior [wood shreds] packing material and drop ship to your list of recipients. [Add a lei for only $9]. International shipping is additional.

Coconut Decal Service - design your own coconut

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No one throws away a coconut! As seen on HGTV's "I Want That!"

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